The Discovery of Gravity -
The Discovery of Gravity
May 9, 2017
The Discovery of the Constant Speed of Light -
The Discovery of the Constant Speed of Light
May 9, 2017

An Experimental Test of Photon Mass versus Special Relativity

Circlon spin

The essence of Special Relativity is Einstein’s assumption of e = mc2 for a massless photon and the mass of kinetic energy. This is the proper equation for the energy of moving matter but the proper equation for the photon is the reciprocal equation of cC = √e/m. Where Einstein made his mistake was his symbol of c2 . Where the photon is concerned, c2 is not the squaring of a single velocity but the multiplying together of two separate velocities c and C that may or may not be equal to c2 . c is the relative velocity of photon measurement and C is the absolute velocity of photon spin. This experimental test will decisively measure the difference between Einstein’s idea of a massless photon of “pure energy” and the Newtonian principle of measurement of the momentum, force and energy of moving photon mass.

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