Gods of Creation
Gods of Creation
February 6, 2019
Quasar scan
Secret Life of Quasars
October 27, 2019

Physical Principles of Cosmic Measurement

Cosmic Measurement

Instead of Big Bang’s initial singularity of “pure” unlimited energy, the Living Cosmos begins with the duality of a single antimatter/matter pair containing the exact Energy/ Mass of today’s cosmos E/M = C2. It is based on the principles and conservation laws of the scientific method for the experimental measurement of mass, space, time, and gravity. These particles have always had a total mass of about 1080 protons and a total energy of about 1067J. The total Energy/Mass = c2 of the atoms and photons in the cosmos has always been about c2 = E/M = 1067J/1050kg. The reality of the Living Cosmos begins as a single anti-hydrogen atom sitting at rest in the “center” of a universal void. What makes this anti-atom “alive” is that first it has eternal existence and then relative to the constant size and mass of the positron, the antiproton is slowly growing in size with a proportional decrease in its mass.

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