Fields Vs Particles

The conventional wisdom of physics has long maintained that the universe consists of a “substance” which fills the void of space. This substance has had many names over the years as its level of complexity has been repeatedly increased. In earlier times, this space-like substance was called the “lumineferous aether,” and was used as a medium to explain the vast spectrum of wavelike particles that came to be called photons. Later, it was referred to as the “electromagnetic field” in order to explain the non-local effects of electromagnetism, and then as the “gravitational field” to explain the apparent non-local effects of gravitation. In modern times, it is called the “space-time continuum” to explain the conversion of photons to matter, matter to photons, and the relativistic mass, space and time distortions of the Lorentz Transformation. It has been called the “negative energy sea” to explain the existence of antimatter, and the “pilot wave” to explain the non-local view of quantum mechanics demanded by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

In short, the voice of modern physics declares that this “space-like” substance is all there is. Matter, energy, space, time and gravity are merely aspects of the many different contortions, dimensions, and dances that this unified substance can exhibit to the observer. Individual particles are seen as mere illusions of measurement, existing only as an intricate part of the unity of this all-pervasive “stuff” that in relativity theory is simply referred to as “space-time.”

The Principle of Absolute Motion in many ways takes the opposite direction from contemporary physics in its quest for a “unified field” theory. Absolute Motion is a totally non-field theory that admits only the existence of expanding mass particles within the negative reality of an absolutely empty Newtonian-Euclidean void called space. Discarded is the idea that space has a fourth dimension or any other dimensions capable of containing time or fields. The only interaction is one mass particle touching, pushing, pulling or becoming physically intertwined with another mass particle as their gravitational expansion continually crowds them towards one another.

The primary parameter of these particles is mass. Space and time are simply aspects of this mass, having no meaning other than to describe the shape and motion of this mass. Within the theory of Special Relativity, time is a function of the properties of space, whereas in the Principle of Absolute Motion, time is merely the means used to quantify the motion of mass. The idea of space-time as used in Relativity is replaced by the opposite and complementary mechanical concept of mass-time in the Principle Absolute Motion. All interactions are physical and local.

Unified Field Theory

The result of the century-long quest for a unified field theory to explain non-local effects is the generalized idea of the “field.” The field concept replaces the idea of empty space and its simple, Newtonian-Euclidean coordinates of mass, space, and time with a witches brew of poly-dimensional mathematical equations, often leading to paradoxes that block the mind from any kind of intuitive conceptualizations of the process being described.

The secret to the discovery of a unified field theory is not to show how the four fundamental forces can all be part of a single field process. It is to show that, in fact, there are no “fields” at all. The universe consists of empty, infinite, and fixed space within which numerous particles of mass move with complex motions. The mass of these particles is contained in long, slender, hollow “strings” that are wound into the complex, three-dimensional shapes of the particles. These particles each have a shape that is called a circlon.

One advantage of the Principle of Absolute Motion over the standard theory is that the mechanical circlon-shaped particles of mass can be depicted accurately with three-dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings. In contrast, the point particle with its many fields described by the standard model can only be represented by complex multidimensional equations.