About James Carter and his New Theory of Everything

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James Carter Creating one of the Many Manifestations of Circlon Shaped Particles.

I am what is known by the scientific establishment as an outlier crank theoretical physicist with my own crackpot pet theories of photons, atoms, gravity, and the Big Bang. There are a great many of these “dissident” physicists each with their own particular theory to explain various experimental measurements. Virtually all of these theories are based on their author’s particular style of aether that is meant to either replace or be added to the spacetime continuum fields of special and general relativity. The Living Universe theory of creation is the opposite of both these “wrong” crackpot theories and the “right” standard model theories. My new theory is just a mechanical interaction of atoms and photons without the fields, waves, spacetime, aether dimensions, singularities, or zero point energy proposed by some or all of the other theories of everything.

I have never been inside of a university except to visit the library. As a theoretical physicist, I consider this to be an advantage. I have long had the belief that the quality of one’s education should be based on what knowledge you have learned and not just the knowledge to which you may have been exposed. The important thing is what you know and not the location where you may have learned it.

The context of the knowledge you discover yourself is in many ways superior and more complete than the knowledge imparted to you by a “teacher”.Your teachers will tell you about a variety of things in their own particular order. When you study subjects by yourself, the order in which you pursue the knowledge can be very important in your total understanding. Self-directed learning is superior to externally supplied knowledge. This is particularly true in the field of theoretical physics. Academic theorists are at a terrible disadvantage when they are forced to learn the standard model theories before they can construct their own new theories to put on top them. Most have come to believe that all of the new theories have been used up long ago. Circlon Synchronicity is built from scratch and is slipped underneath the standard model theories and not on top like other new theories.

I first learned about the theories and experimental principles of Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, and Dirac at the Wickersham Elementary School library and later at White River High School. I found that when a new theory of physical principles and metaphysical assumptions (3 Introduction to the Physical Principles and Metaphysical Assumptions) is applied to their theories, they are all found to lead to paradoxes and contradict the experimental evidence. I wanted to construct a new theory of matter and energy (11 Celerity of Photons) that was based on physical principles of measurement and not on the metaphysical assumptions adopted by the above theories.

Since then, I have engaged in the lifelong, solitary pursuit to develop my own new theory of mass, space, time and gravity (5 Six Dimensions of Force, Motion, and Time) based on the mechanical principles of momentum, angular momentum, kinetic energy, photon energy, and gravitational force and motion. During this process, I have never talked to nor received any feedback from a “real” theoretical physicist. Over the years, I have learned a great deal about the details of experimental physics but have pretty much ignored the various theoretical structures and metaphysical assumptions that make up the old Standard Model Theories of Physics and the Big Bang (25 Big Bang Paradoxes & Contradictions). What I have done is make physical assumptions for principles of measurements. What I have not done is make any of the metaphysical assumptions used by theoretical physicists to construct their theories.

A metaphysical assumption is a mathematically feasible idea used to explain a physical event that is not subject to measurement. Theoretical physicists devote their efforts to creating imaginary assumptions to describe the interactions between matter, photons, gravity and the universe in terms of fields, waves, physical dimensions, spacetime continua, and aethers. I consider myself to be an experimental physicist and not a theoretical physicist. I want to develop a model of physics that is a new non-field mechanical theory of protons, electrons, photons, and gravity (24 A Definitive Measurement for the Law of Gravity) based on experimental values. I will not adopt or even consider any of the many metaphysical assumptions and unmeasured principles used by theoretical physicists and cosmologists.

In my world of experimental principles of measurement, there are no actions at a distance and the only interaction is one body of mass coming into physical contact with another. In my new theories of the electron and proton, (4 New Laws for the Measurement of Force and Motion) atoms are simple mechanical devices that fit together like nuts and bolts and move like gears. Gravity is the simple mechanical reaction to the measured upward velocity of Earth’s surface caused by my new theory of the gravitational expansion of mass, space, and time (8 Pound-Rebka Experiment as Disproof of Einstein). I see the beginnings of the universe, not as a momentary, chaotic, and incomprehensible Big Bang singularity but as an eternal Living Universe that is driven by the gradual and synchronous evolution of protons and electrons and the atoms of matter constructed from them.
The only theoretical principal I use in this description of experimental physics is the new theory of the circlon shape (2 Introduction to the Principle of Circlon Synchronicity) in which the dynamic three-dimensional mechanical circlon shape contains the moving mass structures of protons, electrons, and photons. In my new theory of photon energy (e = mcC), half is a photon’s kinetic energy is contained in its mass moving at the linear speed of light c and the other half is contained in the rotational kinetic energy of its mass spinning at the rotational speed of light C. In my new theory of rest mass energy (e = mCC) half of the proton’s and electron’s rest energy is contained in the primary coils of its circlon shape spinning at C and the other half is contained in the secondary coils of its circlon shape spinning at C in the opposite direction.

My New Principles of Absolute Motion and Circlon Synchronicity

I began thinking about and developing alternative theories of physics as a teenager. Sometime after I put together a new theory of photon mass, I developed a new theory of gravity (17 Gravitational Expansion of Mass, Space and Time). The Principle of Gravitational Expansion explained gravity to be an opposite, upside down, and inside out interpretation of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In 1970, I presented my new theory of gravity in a small book called “Gravity Does Not Exist”. During the 1970’s, I continued to expand this non-field explanation of gravity in a couple more editions of this book called “Gravitation Does Not Exist”. I realized that gravitational expansion could not explain either ocean tides or the motion of the Cavendish balance. To quantify these forces, I proposed a new theory of electric charge to develop a new theory of ocean tides (21 Circlon Tidal Forces) and a new theory of Cavendish balance motion (20 The Cavendish Balance). I also used the differing expansions of the sun and Earth to explain Einstein’s apparent bending of starlight (19 Einstein’s Bogus Deflection of Starlight) as photons pass the sun.

I also spent a good deal of time studying and photographing cloud formation and segmentation in different parts of the world. From this, I developed a new theory of cloud formation (23 Painted Balloon Experiment) that was able to explain the symmetrical patterns in which atmospheric clouds segment. This phenomenon is caused by the gravitational expansion of mass, space, and time. I did experiments with painted balloons to show that balloon inflation segments paint on its surface in the same way that gravitational expansion of Earth segments old cloud formations. The curving spacetime of general relativity has no explanation for cloud segmentation. Space is curved from within by the gravitational expansion of atoms. It is not curved from without by the gravitational motion of spacetime.

During this same time, I developed the new theory of the circlon shape as a non-field mechanical particle to explain the physical structures of the proton, electron, and neutron. Once I came up with a simple mechanical method for fitting together the circlon shapes of electrons, protons, neutrons, and mesons to construct atoms, it was a simple matter to make physical models of the nuclei of all the elements. After discovering a few simple rules governing the stability of nuclear structures, I was able to easily create a single nuclear model equation that contained all of the 282 known stable isotopes of the chemical elements,

My work on this new theory of nuclear physics (29 Circlon Model of Nuclear Structure) culminated in 1974 with the publishing of my new theory of the Periodic Table of the Circlon Elements. (Link to PDF of the periodic table) This full color wall chart used the circlon shape to illustrate my new theory of the nuclear structure (30 Nuclear Stability Models) of the elements. It contained a new theory of the meson and a new theory of the neutron, (6 Invention of the Circlon Model of Nuclear Structure) and with my new theory of the strong nuclear force, I created diagrams showing the precise placement of the protons, mesons, and neutrons within the nuclear structure of each of the 104 elements known at that time. When I got to my new theory of the Palladium atom (31 Experimental Test of Quantum Mechanics), I discovered that the structure of its external electron shells was different from the standard electron shells predicted by quantum mechanics. This opened up the possibility of an experimental test to determine which of these two theories might be correct. When I got to my new theory of Uranium I developed a new theory of radioactivity to explain why the nuclear isotopes of elements beyond Uranium are all unstable.

During the 1980’s, I continued to increase my understanding of my new mechanical non-field theory of atoms and photons as well as my mechanical non-field theory of gravity. I then began applying these new ideas to the cosmos to develop a new theory of the Big Bang creation and imagine other ways in which the universe could have been formed. In the 1990’s I used a new theory of the Doppler effect (13 Experimental Test of Photon Mass) to discovered the principle of electron mass transformation in which the mass of the electron gradually decreases over the course of cosmological time and drives the reproduction and evolution of matter from a single massive atom to the protons and electrons in today’s Living Universe. This became a new theory of the Hubble red shift in which the distant galaxies are relatively stationary and the observed “red shifts” are caused by the gradual decrease in the electron’s mass over the history of the cosmos. Electrodynamics requires that atoms with heavier electrons emit spectral photons with longer wavelengths.

To illustrate and share these new ideas, I printed a book called “The Other Theory of Physics” and began sending them out to scientists around the world. I got little response in the United States but in 1996, I received an invitation from Russia to present my theories at a scientific conference in St Petersburg. I had just figured out the circlon equations for calculating the photons in my new theory of hydrogen’s radiation spectrum (10 Discovery of the Hydrogen Spectrum) and I was anxious to show them to someone. I gave a lecture about my new theories and passed out about 100 of my books and element charts at the conference. The attendees showed some polite interest in my principles but almost all were devoted to their own various new aether and field theories of physics. One of the mathematicians was interested in my new gravitational constants of force and motion, (18 New Gravitational Constant GV) but I never heard back from him.

Around the year 2000, I began doing experiments with my new theory of smoke rings to learn what I could about the dynamics of the circlon shape and its mechanical interactions with other moving circlons. To my amazement, the motion and dynamics of the smoke rings was identical to the motion and dynamics that I had measured in the electron and proton circlon shapes that makeup atoms. There is no rotation in the primary coil and the rotation of the secondary coils is opposite to the rotation of the primary coils. To do this experiment properly, dense smoke rings would be ejected into a vacuum where air currents would not effect its dynamics. A few years later, I discovered a new toy gun for Scuba divers (Link to H20 Odyssey Torid Pulse-YouTube) that uses compressed air to shoot circlon shaped air bubbles through the water. I was amazed to watch how easily these circlon bubbles moved through the water on their own power. These delicate rings penetrate water with more ease and move much farther than a bullet from a high powered rifle. Smoke Ring Video Link

Between 2000 and 2010, I continued to develop my new theory of Big Bang physics (26 Evolution of Matter and Antimatter in the Living-Universe) with a new theory of 2.7˚K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation (28 Predicted Temperature of the Cosmic Blackbody Radiation) and a new theory of Dark energy (27 Discovery of Antimatter and Cosmic Rays) to explain the evolution of atoms in the Living Universe. In my new theory of expanding universe, the expansion occurs from the inside out. It is the atoms that expand outward and not the stationary galaxies. In my new theory of the Cosmic Microwave Background I was able to explain how its 2.7˚Kelvin temperature is a universal constant of nature that has not changed since this massive quantity of photons was first emitted. I was also able to use the circlon shape and my new theory of the fine structure constant to calculate that 2.7˚K is the only temperature at which this great, universe wide blast of spectral photons could have occurred.

I also worked on things like using the Lorentz transformation calculations for the varying atomic clock measurements on GPS satellites (9 GPS Satellite Clocks Clock Rates) to explain absolute motion and develop a new theory of the twin paradox (7 Lorentz Transformations and the Twin Paradox) where an astronaut rapidly traveling in space ages less than his stay at home twin.

In 2017, I finally completed my new theory of photons and energy (1 Joules of the Universe) and combined it with my new mechanical theory of unified non-field particles, I printed a number of copies of my new book, Physics without Metaphysics. I decided that it was finally time to present my new theory to the scientific community by advertising the book in scientific magazines and journals.

Over the years, I have read many articles in science magazines but the only magazine I have continually subscribed to is Science News. For many years, I believed that Science News always contained the latest new things that were happening in science and cosmology. What better place to present my new principles of Circlon Synchronicity and the Evolution of matter and energy. If the discovery of a Living Universe isn’t science news then what is?

I sent an email to the advertising department requesting a series of 1/3 page color ads for my new book. They sent me back a reasonably priced contract with ads scheduled to begin publication the next month. They said that I could make my first payment in a couple of weeks. I signed the contract and mailed it back to them with copies of the ads I wanted to submit. When two weeks had passed and I didn’t receive anything back from them, I rang them up to find out when and where to send my check. The advertising director informed me that they had decided not to publish any of my ads. At first, they told me that my material didn’t meet their scientific standards. I pointed out that this couldn’t be true because they had not yet even seen a copy of my book. It then came out that they looked me up on Wikipedia and found out that I was listed as a pseudo-scientist and they didn’t print anything by pseudo-scientists in their magazine. Case closed. It seems I needed a peer review of my work even to advertise my new ideas in their magazine. The problem was, I didn’t have any “peers”.

I got the list of about fifty people on the magazine’s masthead and mailed each of them a copy of the book. I asked them for explanations of what it is in my book that makes it ineligible to advertise in their magazine. I told them that this book required fifty years of difficult and perplexing work. I assured them that I had gotten the science right and asked them to please point out something that I did wrong. Just because I have been labeled as a pseudo-scientist by some unknown hacker does not mean that my ideas and principles are any less valid than those of a “real scientist”. I waited a week or so for their replies but none came. After six months, not a single employee or consultant to Science News would even so much as acknowledge the gift of my $60 book. I never dreamed that there would be this kind of censorship at Science News Magazine. I came to realize that if a small magazine like Science News wouldn’t my print my ads then the larger more expensive magazines wouldn’t like my book either.

My next step was to take the last 200 books I had left and send them a select group of scientific authorities. If you can list several prominent scientists and cosmologists, they were probably on this list. About half of the books went to Harvard professors and graduate students. I had this idea that if my books were concentrated among a group of great scientific minds, at least some would take the time to read parts of it and discuss the ideas with colleagues. None of this happened. My book must have been banned in Boston because none of the Harvard physicists replied to my books and letters.

The only reply I received from the entire mailing was a polite note from Neil de Grasse Tyson’s secretary acknowledging receipt of the book. I later learned that these well known scientists get a lot of mail from crackpot pseudo-scientists like myself. It is common for them to instruct their secretaries to screen their mail and treat all books and pamphlets by crank theorists as junk mail and throw them all in the bin. I am sure that Neil’s secretary trashed my book as soon as she wrote the thank you note.

By coincidence, I had just finished listening to an audio book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. This was Neil de Grasse Tyson’s new theory of the Big Bang. Neil used his vivid imagination to create his own version of the creation and state of the universe that had contradictions to both itself and the assumptions of standard model Big Bang theory. In one part of the book, he makes the correct statement to the effect that all photons travel at the speed of light c and it is a basic law of physics that nothing, atoms, star ships, or photons, can travel faster than the speed of light. Photons travel at plus or minus the speed of light relative to moving observers and this difference in relative velocity can be measured with Doppler effects. Two way measurements of photons are always calculated at c because the unknown Doppler effect at the observer’s assumed position of rest prevents the different relative speeds of the two legs from being measured separately. The one way speed of light relative to a moving observer can always be measured to be less than or greater that the speed of light by the Doppler effects caused by the motion. This has been demonstrated with binary pulsar measurements (12 The Discovery of the Constant Speed of Light).

When atoms approach the speed of light, their mass (momentum p = mv) increases to an infinite amount at c. This equation starts at p and v equaling zero and mass equaling one. As velocity increases, momentum increases in proportion to the speed of light. The kinetic energy of that momentum has mass so that the moving equation becomes p+/v+ = m+. Mass increases proportionally to its increase in kinetic energy m = e/c2. An atom’s mass and energy are always equal e = mc2. The reason that atoms can’t be accelerated faster than c is because these equations require that an atom’s mass, momentum and energy would become infinite when it reached the speed of light. Since a body’s mass and energy are always equal, the proper form of this equation is c = √e/m.

In somewhat different words, Neil lays out the primary law of physics that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Like all other physicists and cosmologists, he begins his creation story with an unspoken and unnecessary metaphysical assumption that he nor any other standard model physicists had ever questioned. This is the assumption that the 1/1836 electron/proton mass ratio is a universal and eternal constant that was the same at the moment of the singularity, is the same today, and will be the same into the infinite future.

Most technical details in every Big Bang creation theory are predicated on this assumption being correct. One example of this is his explanation of the Hubble red shift as a Doppler effect caused by rapidly moving galaxies. In the Living Universe, where the electron/proton mass ratio gradually increases over the course of cosmological time, the Hubble shift results from atoms in the distant past emitting longer wavelength photons when the electron/proton mass ratio was less than today’s ratio of 1/1836.

Neil starts with a singularity that miraculously appears from a point within the universal void. This singularity immediately releases an enormous burst of an unknown type of energy that quickly transforms into very energetic photons and fundamental sub-atomic particles that eventually decay into electrons and protons with a mass ratio of 1/1836. At each step in his calculations of cosmic history, there is the unspoken requirement that the electron/proton mass ratio be constant at each epic in the Big Bang’s history.

Neil then talks about a point in time, one second after the appearance of the singularity. He claims the universe has now expanded to a diameter of several light years. What this means is most of the photons and particles of matter in Neil’s new universe would have to be traveling away from a single point in space at more than 1000 times the speed of light. If this really happened, then how were these photons and superluminal particles of matter ever able to slowdown to their present velocities. It would take the same enormous amount momentum and energy to slow these particles down, as it took to speed them up. From what possible source could all of this negative energy come from? Einstein’s force of gravity is predicted to only move at the speed of light, so it would be unable to stop all of this new matter from disappearing into the void. In Neil’s Big bang physics, there are no conservation laws for momentum and energy. The Living Universe grew from an eternal duality and did not explode from a momentary singularity.

Since I have been barred from advertising in the scientific print media and banned in the Boston scientific community, I have finally decided to try and sell my ideas and books to the general public on the internet. I have found that the internet is full of pseudo-scientists and crank theoretical physicists. Why not cast my lot with the rest of them?

All of my ideas and principles are easy to understand. They are also easy to believe when they do not conflict with one’s other knowledge structures. Because of their own unique gravitational psychologies (15 Gravitational Psychology), most people and particularly scientists are unable to believe in the gravitational expansion of mass space and time, even though they have always felt it with their bodies. From before they were born, babies and small children know from their sense of balance that they are constantly being pushed upward by Earth’s surface. Their built in accelerometers and subconscious minds constantly monitor this upward force in order to maintain the body’s balance. Then as they learn, their conscious minds separate from their subconscious minds and they are then able to imagine things that are not true to their subconscious minds. When they first learn about word “gravity” they are told by their mothers and then later by their teachers that they are not actually being pushed upward by Earth’s surface (16 The Discovery of Gravity) but rather they are being pulled downward by Earth’s mass. After that, they are no longer able to believe in knowledge their subconscious minds know to be true. However, while it might be impossible to consciously believe, the simple idea of absolute gravitational force and motion is a totally mechanical principle that everyone, even small children, can easily understand, visualize and even feel just how gravity works. While the push of gravity is easily measured with accelerometers, no one, not even Einstein or a space alien (14 Space Aliens and Gravity), has ever been able to devise an experiment that could measure the equivalent pull of gravity except with a null result. Earth, moon, and sun orbits are best illustrated by using a thought experiment with orbiting chains. (22 Orbiting Chain Experiment).

Until now, I have been trying to share my new ideas of physics with people who are totally indoctrinated with the somewhat opposite theories of Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, and Dirac. Their whole careers are based on believing in the metaphysical assumptions of these theories and protecting them from the disrespect of crackpots. Most seem to have an almost religious devotion to the standard models of physics and the Big Bang. In their peer group, it is completely permissible to make cosmetic changes in these models but it is expressly forbidden to try or even think about building new models from scratch.

Hopefully, the large variety of diverse people on the internet will be more open minded and not as burdened by the finer details of the standard model like the authorities of the scientific establishment. Their careers and reputations will likely not be threatened if they allow themselves to believe in and study a new and simpler physics for the universe. The universe lives by the laws and principles of physical measurement and does not rely on the many metaphysical assumptions of Big Bang physics. One day, the old priest-like physicists will die off and then the young will be free to realize how simple and beautiful the physics and history of the Living Universe can be.

I have no doubt that the Principles of Absolute Motion and Circlon Synchronicity will one day be adopted by experimental physics for the development of technologies and then eventually by the academic theorists. Certainly, experimentalists will believe that photons have mass, atoms have shapes, and gravity pushes up long before the theorists will change their equations. They will find that their equations are basically correct except for being upside down, backwards and inside out. A great revolution is coming in physics and cosmology and those who believe, understand, and try out new physical principles will be at a great advantage in creating and advancing new technologies. Those who try to figure things out in terms of old theories instead of new principles will only be wasting their time chasing a ghost that was never alive.

I would ask anyone, scientifically minded or otherwise, the same question I asked the magazine editors, scientists, and cosmologists. What is wrong with Circlon Synchronicity? Certainly the overall esthetics of the idea is perfect. Circlon Synchronicity is a single entity for the measurement of the force and motion of mass, space, time, and gravity. It is a new interpretation of quantum mechanics that does not contain waves, fields, aethers, dimensions, cosmic media or a spacetime continuum.

Let me know if you find my new ideas to contain factual errors, omissions, contradictions, paradoxes, or departures from the rules of philosophy and logic. Your concerns are valuable to me, If you find omissions or paradoxes that can be corrected, maybe we can change them together. If you can make intelligent and helpful comments on these ideas, you may be the first to do so. Since, all my theory does is turn the equations of physics upside down, backwards, and inside out, no one seems to know exactly where to start with their criticisms.

I still have many things to figure out and there is much more physical theory that needs to be build upon the new foundation of Circlon Synchronicity. For example, I have not yet begun to model the building of molecules from the different atoms of the chemical elements. I have played with it a little and think I know how to do it, but it is just an infinite parade of more and more complex three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles. I am saving my new theory of chemistry for my retirement in the hope that maybe then I will be able to do it all with my computer.

Four Departures from Reality

There are only Four Basic Differences between the Old Harvard Theories and the New Principles of Absolute Motion and Circlon Synchronicity. My new theory of everything, contains only four experimental principles that are opposite from standard model theory assumptions.

1. My principle of gravitational expansion measures a very slow upward velocity at the surface of each proton and electron. This simple mechanical process to replaces the conceptual gravitational attraction of an infinite, non-local, attractive, curving, and expanding spacetime continuum force field. Each proton and electron gravitationally expands at almost exactly the same rate. Over the history of the Living Universe, the electron has only expanded to 1836 times the size of the proton.
2. My principle of conserved photon energy/mass (cC = e/m) quantifies the photon as a circlon shaped matter/antimatter duality of equal energy/mass h = mlc. The photon moves and spins at the speed of light as it travels on its own inertia within the featureless void of space. Photons are dualities of an equal electric and magnetic particle that they received from their electron and proton parents. My energy/mass photon replaces relativity’s massless energy photon (e = mcc) that moves at c in the shape of a sign wave through a local electromagnetic field within the infinite medium of a spacetime continuum or aether.
3. My principle of the circlon shape changes the shape of the standard model electron and proton from an uncertain quantum mechanical point to circlon synchronicity’s three concentric sets of rotating coils constructed of hollow cosmic string mass. The circlon’s dynamics is contained in the opposing directions of the shape’s two-dimensional rotating coil structures.
4. My principle of an evolving electron/proton mass ratio replaces the standard model theory’s metaphysical assumption of a universal and eternally constant value of 1/1836.

The direction and absolute quality of gravitational force and motion.
The inertia of photon energy/mass.
The circlon shape of the atom.
The cosmological decrease in electron mass.

These four are the only basic differences between Absolute Circlon Synchronicity in the Duality of the Living Universe’s and the opposite Standard Model Theories of Physics of the Big Bang’s Singularity.

Throughout this essay, I have wrongly referred to each of my ideas as a new theory. I have done this because most people first react to and then understand these subjects in terms of theories. I do not propose or condone the creation of any “theories”. If you are unable to quantify a phenomenal event with physical measurement, why would you create an imaginary theory of the phenomenon just so you could then believe that it really exists. Everything here listed as a new theory of physics is actually an old principle of physical measurement that has been verified by the values obtained by the standard scientific method for the measurement of mass, space, time, and gravitational force and motion. My measured physical assumptions are principles and the unmeasured metaphysical assumptions of theorists are theories. The principles of Absolute Motion and Circlon Synchronicity are natural laws revealed by measurement and not theories derived from unmeasured metaphysical assumptions.