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Why Einstein was an Ignorant Fool

Why Einstein was an Ignorant Fool

How Einstein, being ignorant of today’s experimental physics, was able to fool the world into believing in many foolish things like infinite fields, massless photons, downward pulling gravity, equivalent momentum and force and an instantaneous expanding Big Bang singularity of pure energy instead of the eternal, stationary, and living cosmos dualities of atoms and photons.
A pdf. copy of the book, Why Einstein was an Ignorant Fool can be downloaded for free.

Periodic Table of the Circlon Elements living-universe

Periodic Table of the Circlon Elements

This full color 27” x 39” wall chart shows precise models of the nuclear structure for each of the 112 known chemical elements. It also has an Isotope Graph that illustrates all of the 1944 known nuclear isotopes as well as the 282 isotopes that are stable. See larger version (.pdf, 960Mb) Price $15.00 ppd

Physics without Metaphysics living-universe

Physics without Metaphysics

Physics without Metaphysics is a much expanded, full color edition of Big Bang Physics without Metaphysical Assumptions. It contains many more drawings and much more information about the experimental measurements of the dynamics of atoms, photons, gravity and the Living Universe. Price of $60.00 includes a free copy of the Periodic Table of the Circlon Elements wall chart and free Priority Mail shipping anywhere.

Cosmic Creation and Evolution of Matter, Energy, and

Circlon Synchronicity

Circlon Synchronicity is a totally new theory of Physics and Big Bang Cosmology. It is a complete explanation of the physics of the Cosmos with a step by step description of the initial creation and subsequent evolution of matter, energy, and gravity. It shows how Galaxies, stars, atoms, and photons were formed in a process of great synchronicity controlled by a completely new and unique model for the gravity. The book presents new models for photons, atomic interactions and precise nuclear structures for all elements. New explanations are presented for many cosmic mysteries such as the Guth inflation, galaxy and star formation, Hubble shifts. Dark Energy, Cosmic Rays, Quasars, Solar Energy, and the 2.7 K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation. It also establishes a long sought Unified Field Theory, as well as a Quantum Theory of Gravity. Circlon Synchronicity is written to be easily understood high school science students and contains no equations more complex than the basic calculations of standard model physics such as Momentum p = mv, Force F = ma, and Energy e = mc2.

The $44.00 price includes free postage anywhere and a free copy of the Periodic table of the Circlon Elements. A free pdf. copy Circlon Synchronicity, can be downloaded here.